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Product information "Antiquus Scriptum - Conclamatum Est CD Jewel-Case"

Conclamatum Est is the third studio album of the portuguese symphonic black metal band Antiquus Scriptum released in 2013.

Available as jewel-case including an eight-panel booklet.

Limited to 500 copies.



01. The Second Punic War, CCXVIII B. C. - Prologus
02. A Hecatombe Of Slaves
03. The Eldest Son: Interludium I
04. Remember Me As King
05. A Moçoila De Al-Mahadan: Interludium II 
06. Den Nordiske Sjel Lever I Meg 
07. Eu, O Misantropo...
08. Anmchara - Uma Alma Amiga: Interludium III
09. Horned Cast - Epilogus
10. Manitou (Venom Cover)
11. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover)
12. Skeletons Of Society (Slayer Cover)
13. Futuro Nuclear (Psycoma Cover)
14. Sententious Despicable (The Invertebrate Cover)
15. Philosophy Of Negativity (Mordaça Cover)
16. Prelude (Manowar Cover)

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