Arctic Sea Survivors - The Longest Dawn (the souls burn in everlasting fires) CD Digipak


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Product information "Arctic Sea Survivors - The Longest Dawn (the souls burn in everlasting fires) CD Digipak"
"The Longest Dawn - For the Souls Burn on in Everlasting Fires” - The album close the circle which started with "Into Barren Lands" and the "Inuktitut Tape".
Thematically, the four survivors accompany a fictional person who went missing on the debut expedition. The lonely wanderer has to find his way back to “his” world after being awakened by the goddess Pana. He passes abysses of nature, as well as of his soul, crosses oceans and finally has to find out that the world as he knew it no longer exists. The tortured spirit finally finds consolation in the Maelstrom of Souls - Adlivun.
Arctic Sea Survivors expand their musical range like never before and draw with rugged riffs, playful post-rock parts, sludge parts in NOLA style and occasional post-black metal outbreaks, the path of the individual to himself. Through psychological and spiritual challenges, through purification and catharsis into awakening.
The digipak is made as a six panel digipak with booklet sleeve and 16 sided booklet.
Limited to 500 pieces.
01. Enter the Realm Of Pana
02. The Place That Never Thaws
03. Solitary Pathways
04. Novaya Semlya
05. Thee Fires Of Archangelsk
06. Thee March To Adlivun
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