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Laang冷 („Cold“), a post-black metal band originating in Keelung Taiwan is born from the horrifying experience of the band’s frontman楊海濤 during a near-death experience when shot.
Xinteng 心疼, meaning “emotional turmoil” and “to love dearly” in Mandarin, is the musical representation of the pain, misery, and terror associated with this trauma and recovery.
The music of Laang冷 combines aggressive non-canonical black metal riffing with melancholic melodies, tortured vocals performed in Mandarin Chinese, dark orchestras, and traditional erhu instrumentation.
Their music creates an emotional and tormented soundscape that is haunting, yet captivating. While the band’s award-winning debut album Haiyang海洋 (2019) was based on the terror of being medically dead, Xinteng 心疼 rather explores the post-traumatic emotional pain of a survivor coming to grips with their own mortality.
Through this emotional atmosphere, Laang 冷 drowns listeners in their immersive sea of torment.
Xinteng 心疼 delivers 8 emotionally-charged tracks that waste no time in immersing listeners in 海濤’s nightmare. Dark and depressing, yet with a haunting beauty, Laang 冷crafts an unforgettable musical experience that will touch the hearts of fans of Harakiri for the Sky, Alcest, Chthonic, White Ward, and Psychonaut 4.
The digipak is made as a six panel digipak with booklet sleeve and eight sided booklet.
Limited to 500 pieces.
01. Cǎndàn 慘淡
02. Dòngshāng 冻伤
03. Wǒ de Piāofú Shītǐ 我的漂浮屍體
04. Zài Hēi'àn Zhōng 在黑暗中
05. Høst
06. Hēiyàoshí 黑曜石
07. Cháoxī 潮汐
08. Yǒnghéng De Yǔ 永恒的雨

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