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After years of silence, the melancholic metal band Lost in Desolation are back with their latest work "Sere". With this new release, they have left their depressive black metal roots behind and created a sound that is as elegant as it is heavy - a fusion of melodic doom and classical grandeur.

Embark on a journey through sound and emotion, with each track offering a unique experience that meanders through twists and turns that will leave an impression long after the final notes have faded. From the soaring sadness of the atmospheric metal to the beautiful stillness of the softer movements, the album weaves together a medley of contrasts. Subtle elements of post-rock, electronica and black metal. The lyrics are a meditation on loss and grief, a eulogy to the deceased, with only the occasional glimmer of consolation shining through.

Lost in Desolation invited several guests to contribute to the album, and each of them elevates Lost in Desolation's music to new heights, creating a soundscape that is both dark and beautiful. Heavy riffs and soaring strings create a soundscape that is both intense and ethereal.

The album is released as a six-sided digipak with booklet sleeve and eight-page booklet limited to 500 copies.


1. Flesh From Bone (09:08)
2. Anguish (09:06)
3. The Dream (04:13)
4. Weak and Woeful (06:00)
5. Departure Song (03:51)
6. Unspoken (Prelude) (02:21)
7. Unspoken (13:08) 
8. Reunion (05:58)

Spielzeit: 00:53:45


Lost in Desolation - Flesh From Bone (Official Lyric Video)

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Lost In Desolation - Sere (Full Album Stream)

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