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This album is a journey into the deepest and rottenest dawn, wrapped in bitter ashes and without any glimmer of hope, wishing to have spent another day in this coffin of broken memories that hurt my arms every moment and made me feel like the blades inside me.
I tear my breath, drown my tears, try to disappear amidst the cold and remain unconscious until the blood coagulates. The view through the mirror is hypnotized by the visible deterioration of the outside, while the inside has withered like autumn leaves.
As I have become part of my everyday life, this feeling has never left me, the good and bad things in life are welcome to create a painful past; It is another wound on my skin that I want to carry to the grave with me until the end.
My main inspiration is my own feelings, my own experiences with depression, anxiety (hard but real), agoraphobia (during), schizophrenia (these are like scars in my head), loneliness, etc.
I took that too, the decision to keep it close to my life, to keep writing stories like this.
The digipak consists of six pages with a booklet sleeve and a 16-page booklet.
The CD is limited to 500 copies.



1. Y.O.U. (Years of unhappiness) (05:20)
2. Disconsolateness (06:09)
3. Too late to be saved (04:27)
4. End sweet end (06:43)
5. Don’t bring me back (03:05)
6. Colgado de esta melancolia gris (11:59)
7. I’m gonna miss you (03:00)
8. The unsent letter (09:55)

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Sacrimoon - I'm gonna miss you (Full Album Stream)

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