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Deadspace / Happy Days - Reaching For Silence CD + T-Shirt (Männer)
Sizes: S
Composite work of the both depressive black metal bands Deadspace (AUS) and Happy Days (US). The split is available as six-sided digipak with booklet-sleeve and a twelve-sided booklet. Limited to 1000 pieces.   Tracklist:01. Deadspace - Glass Houses02. Deadspace - Flesh To Chew, Teeth To Swallow (Ft. Mares Refalæða)03. Deadspace - Phantom Limb04. Deadspace - Epilogue05. Deadspace - Nostalgia, Like A Plague, She Rapes Me To Sleep (Ft. Sam Dishington)06. Happy Days - Y Cuando Encuentren Mi Cuerpo...07. Happy Days - Soiled Flowers08. Happy Days - Death Knows Best09. Happy Days - Drowning10. Happy Days - Schrei Schrei, mein Heim   Deadspace - Glass Houses     Happy Days - Y Cuando Encuentren Mi Cuerpo...  

~Sea Of Disorder~ - Merging Land And Sky CD Digipack
Debut of the postrock / doom metal band ~Sea Of Disorder~ from Salzburg/Austria. Available as digipak including an eight-sided booklet. Limited to 500 copies.   Tracklist: 01. Ghost Of Yesterday02. 195303. Merging Land And Sky04. Falling Giants05. The Clouds Disperse06. Horizon  ~Sea Of Disorder~ - Merging Land And Sky

Abstract The Light - From Out Of The Void CD Digipack
Debut of the australian black metal band Abstract The Light. Available as cross panel digipak with twelf sided booklet. Limited to 500 pieces.   Tracklist:01. Black Conjuration02. Gateways To Sulphur Chrysalis03. Doomed: From Birth To Burial04. StoneOnARock   Abstract The Light - Gateways To Sulphur Chrysalis  

Abstract The Light - Magna Sapientia Quaerere - to the depths of thy soul... CD Digipak
This 2nd release and first full length long player from ABSTRACT THE LIGHT, sees a continuation and further development of the sounds and feelings touched on on the debut release “From Out Of The Void” yet steps further into the dark and mystical folk sounds and bleak and emotive black metal touched on in passages previously... Further drawing influence from a life of experience, trials and tribulations, loss and sadness this album delves further into the psyche of man. “MAGNA SAPIENTIA QUAERERE : to the depths of thy soul...” was again recorded, mixed and mastered by Jarred Nettle at the House Of SAP, and this time features some excellent vocal contributions from our friends Rowan London (Virgin Black), Gregor Pikl, Sandra Mortis, as well as guest lead guitar performance by Jason Van Den Driesen, and Cello played by Hannah Yates. Tracklist: 01. H.U.N.T.E.R 02. Spinning Plates In The Tapestry Of Existence 03. Waters Of Fire 04. Broken Shards, Of Inner Self 05. Primeval Essence Of Nothingness 06. Smouldering Black, Thy Heart 07. Carousels Of Eternity Single: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXZN0THQDYw Line-Up: Ben Veniamin - Bass Brody Green - Drums Matt Brown - Guitars Ben Sheehan - Vocals, Guitars Connect with Lacrima Mortis: Website: - Bandcamp: https://abstractthelight1.bandcamp.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abstractthelight666/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/abstractthelight Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC86h8gz9K_hOfsuzMa4Cq2A

Acherozu - Vendetta Ocean CD Digipak
Second full-length album of the chinese black metal band Acherozu from Shenyang. Limited digipak with booklet to 500 copies. Tracklist: 01. Demon Phantom 02. Sun Katana 03. Abkana 04. Dragon'Flag 05. Barbaric Power 06. Die in 1894 07. Gashan 08. Jurgan 09. Oceanic Sacrifice 10. Broken Waves Historical background: In 1894, due to the Donghak Peasant Revolution happened in Korean, the Japanese troops finally found the chance to invaded Korean. The battle of Feng Island and Yellow Sea were the first wave of Japanese attack and they successfully collapsed the Korean army’s resistance.Few months later,, the Japanese troops approached to the Chinese Liaodong Peninsula. After accepted the assistance request from the Korean Joseon Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty decided to military assistance Korean. For the hometown peace and national righteousness, a Shaman named Karmasi who lived in the Liaodong coastal decided to joined the Qing Army. He followed the General Iketanga and the Northern Naval Commander Ding Ruchang went to the frontline and went into the battles to wage against the Japanese army. The Liaodong Peninsula became the bloody battlefield littered with corpses, both sides had enormous sacrifices. Because of the corruption of Qing Government and its cowardice attitude, the Qing troops were always in an inferior position and without any backup. However, the fighting will of Qing troops were still as enigmatic as ever, they embraced the will to die to fight against Japanese troops. The battle of the Yellow Sea was one of the most brutal battles during the war, both sides made the battlefield become a living hell. The battle had being fought so hard like beasts wearing the human flesh, barbaric and ferocious. With the battle went on, the Chinese navy was almost completely annihilated by the Japanese navy, Lin Yongsheng, Deng Shichang, Lin Lvzhong, Huang Jianxun and many other generals sacrificed. General Ding Ruchang lead the residual Chinese navy back to defend the Wei Hai fortress, however, they still could not stop the Japanese attack. In the following days, the base of Chinese navy Lv Shun had fallen. The war was over, Qing Dynasty was lost and hometown was fallen into Japanese hand, the struggle lost its meaning and the only thing left was the fear of the death and endless desperation. Kamasi was severely wounded but but he decided to stay at battle position to cover the main troops retreat, he knew he cannot survive so he offered his life sacrifices to the demon Eluri. The sacrifice made his soul and mind out of his flesh and blended into the ocean, it became the darkest Shamanistic curse to the Japanese troops. This was the final counterattack, so called “Broken Waves”.

Afraid Of Destiny - S.I.G.H.S CD Digipack
Third album of the italian black metal band Afraid Of Destiny. S.I.G.H.S is available as four-sided digipak with booklet and limited to 1000 pieces.   Tracklist:01. Timor Mortis02. Take Me Home, Death03. Shells04. Tutto ciò che sento05. I'm Crying (Tears of Solitude MMXIX)06. Cursed and Alone07. Malinconica Venezia08. Killed by Life

Amertume - Fables Et Délabre CD Digipack
Debut of the canadian doom black metal band Amertume released in 2014. Available as digipak including an eight-sided booklet. Limited to 500 copies.   Tracklist: 01. Poussières 02. Stagnance03. Pendule04. Marche Spirituelle05. Le Temps d'Une Vie06. Alter Ego07. Fille d'ailleurs08. Nuit d`été09. J'Inviterai l'Enfance Amertume - fables et délabre (Teaser)   Amertume - Stagnance   Amertume - Fille d'ailleurs

Angor Animi - Cyclothymia CD Digipack
Cyclothymia is the debut of the italian depressive melancholic black metal project of Kjiel (Eyelessight, Lifeless, Sacrimoon). Available as four-sided digipak with twelve-sided booklet limited to 500 pieces.   Tracklist:01. Prelude To An End 02. Everlasting Lethargy 03. After Years Of Broken Dreams... 04. Melanchomania 05. Cleithrophobia 06. Longing My Life Away 07. Cyclothymia 08. Self-Deception 09. No Way Out(ro)   Angor Animi - After Years Of Broken Dreams...  

Ansichtskarte Der Turm - Motiv
Das "Der Turm" - Motiv, von Miro Lange, auf Chromopostkartenkarton im Maß 12x17,5.

Ansichtskarte Kirschbaum-Motiv
Das Kirschbaum-Motiv, von Miro Lange, auf Chromopostkartenkarton im Maß 12x17,5. Jede Ansichtskarte wird von einem transparenten Briefumschlag umhüllt.

Ansichtskarte Portal - Motiv
Das Portal - Motiv, von Miro Lange, auf Chromopostkartenkarton im Maß 12x17,5.

Ansichtskarte Shadow City - Motiv
Das Shadow City - Motiv, von Miro Lange, auf Chromopostkartenkarton im Maß 12x17,5.

Ansichtskarte Winterwald-Motiv
Das Winterwald-Motiv, von Miro Lange, auf Chromopostkartenkarton im Maß 12x17,5. Jede Ansichtskarte wird von einem transparenten Briefumschlag umhüllt.

Antiquus Scriptum - Conclamatum Est CD Jewel-Case
Conclamatum Est is the third studio album of the portuguese symphonic black metal band Antiquus Scriptum released in 2013. Available as jewel-case including an eight-panel booklet. Limited to 500 copies.   Tracklist: 01. The Second Punic War, CCXVIII B. C. - Prologus02. A Hecatombe Of Slaves03. The Eldest Son: Interludium I04. Remember Me As King05. A Moçoila De Al-Mahadan: Interludium II 06. Den Nordiske Sjel Lever I Meg 07. Eu, O Misantropo...08. Anmchara - Uma Alma Amiga: Interludium III09. Horned Cast - Epilogus10. Manitou (Venom Cover)11. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover)12. Skeletons Of Society (Slayer Cover)13. Futuro Nuclear (Psycoma Cover)14. Sententious Despicable (The Invertebrate Cover)15. Philosophy Of Negativity (Mordaça Cover)16. Prelude (Manowar Cover) Antiquus Scriptum - Conclamatum Est (Preview)

Arctic Sea Survivors - Into Barren Lands CD Digipack
Arctic Sea Survivors is a styrian doom metal band. Their debut "Into Barren Lands" is made of a six panel digipak with booklet sleeve, eight-sided booklet and five musical works. The whole digipak is modified with matt lacquer. Limited to 500 pieces.   Tracklist:01. Sima De Los Huesos02. As We Float Pt. I - Passing The Void03. As We Float Pt. II - Graves On The Horizon04. As We Float Pt. III - Into Barren Lands05. On Older Tides Arctic Sea Survivors - Sima De Los Huesos  

Aschenglas - Schauderreich CD Jewel-Case
Aschenglas is an experimental dark metal band from the district of Gänserndorf/Austria. Their lyrical themes are about fairy tales, thoughts and many more. Limitiert auf 1000 Kopien.   Tracklist: 01.  Weinende Engel02.  Viel zu schlimm um wahr zu sein03.  Inkaelte04.  Zu horchen zur Geschicht  05.  Brandemann06.  Klein Leidenslied 07.  Schwesterleins letzter Tag08.  Schwarzer Regen09.  Schauderreich10.  Am Ende dunkelts ganz und gar Aschenglas - Schwesterleins letzter Tag   Aschenglas - Schauderreich

Catuvolcus - Voyageurs de l'Aube CD Digipack
Third album of the gaulish black metal band Catuvolcus from Québec/Canada. Available as digipak including an eight-sided booklet to foldout. Limited to 500 copies. Tracklist:01. Voyageurs des Brumes Part I02. Voyageurs des Brumes Part II03. Ressacs de l'Âme04. Thrill Of The Struggle (Woods Of Ypres Cover) Catuvolcus - Voyageurs des Brumes Pt. I & II

Chaos Catharsis - Logo Patch
Patch of the canadian black- / death metal band Chaos Catharsis. Limited to 150 embroidered pieces.

Chasse-Galerie - Amor Patriae Nostra Lex Kreis Patch
Patch of the canadian black metal band Chasse-Galerie. Limited to 100 embroidered pieces.

Dämmerfarben - Wintergang - TS (Männer)
Sizes: L
T-Shirt der Black Metal Band Dämmerfarben aus Deutschland. Limitiert auf 50 Stück. Marke: Stanley & Stella Farbe: Schwarz Größen: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Dämmerfarben / Blaze Of Sorrow - Geister des Winters LP Gatefold White
Geister des Winters is a composite work of the bands Dämmerfarben and Blaze Of Sorrow. Available as gatefold with a sticked in booklet to unfold. Limited to 400 white pieces.   Tracklist: Seite A: 01. Wintergang02. Der Blätter Abschiedslied03. Northern Shore (Throndt Cover) Seite B: 04. Lumi05. L'orma del cervo Playtime: ~ 31min

Deadspace - Dirge CD Digipack
"Dirge", the third studio album of the australian depressive black metal band Deadspace. The album is available as four-sided digipak with booklet limited to 1000 pieces.   Tracklist:01. Divinity02. Rapture03. Dirge04. Indoctrination05. Graveflower06. The Malevolence I've Born Unto Others07. Consigned to Oblivion08. Hypnogogia09. O Sancta Simplicitus   Deadspace - Rapture [Official Video]

Deadspace - The Liquid Sky CD Digipack
"The Liquid Sky", the second studio album of the australian depressive black metal band Deadspace. The album is available as eight-sided digipak limited to 1000 pieces.   Tracklist:01. The Aching...02. Void03. Below The Human Scumline04. Reflux05. The Worms Must Feed06. Kidney Bleach07. Comatose08. Only Tears09. The Liquid Sky   Deadspace - The Liquid Sky [Official Teaser]   Deadspace - Reflux [Official Music Video]  

Dødsferd / Happy Days / Psychonaut 4 - The Great Depression I LP Gatefold Red
Composite work of the black metal bands Dødsferd, Happy Days and Psychonaut 4. Available as gatefold with 300g/m² dispersion coating in pe-case. Limited to 400 red pieces.   Tracklist: 01. Psychonaut 4 - My Despair Can't Be Explained02. Psychonaut 4 - Wor(l)d of Pain and Hate03. Happy Days - Reaching Without Consequence04. Happy Days - Serenity the Deceiver05. Dodsferd - Death Has Always Been the God of Man06. Dodsferd - Million Deaths Inside